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OnlyFans has rapidly become one of the most popular websites on the internet. It’s a place where anyone can create the kind of content they want to, and start building their own career with more freedom and flexibility than any other kind of job. But it isn’t the only option out there.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the best alternatives to OnlyFans, whether you’re someone who wants a completely non-adult site or you’re looking for a platform to continue sharing more explicit photos and videos. Each platform gives creators the chance to share content with paying subscribers, and they’ve all got their pros and cons. Depending on what kind of content you want to create, one might be a better option for you than OnlyFans.

1. Fanvue

Fanvue is a UK-based content creator site that aims to be the best option possible for anyone who wants to sell their content for money. It markets itself to all creators, whether you’re a gamer, author, chef, athlete or you’re creating adult content. And they have said that they will never ban adult content from the site – it is a platform “for all creators, now and always”.

It’s one of the more recent websites on this list to have been created but they’ve got a huge amount of potential, focusing as much on the user experience (both for creators and for fans) as they are on any other part of their site, and offering some unique features too.

How does Fanvue work?

Fanvue works in the same way that many other content creator sites do – once you sign up, you can start building a subscriber base. The content you post will be hidden behind a paywall, so only the fans that subscribe to you will be able to see it.

The team behind Fanvue clearly care about the quality of their website, looking to make it one of the best alternatives to OnlyFans. So they’ve spent a lot of time working on the usability of the site so that fans can easily browse and discover new creators, and those creators can quickly add their content and make changes to their profiles.


2. Fansly

In terms of OnlyFans alternatives, Fansly is probably the site closest to offering the exact OnlyFans experience. It’s another subscription website that encourages content creators – including those with adult themes – to build a paying network of subscribers. In terms of features, pricing and general site layout, it is almost exactly the same as OnlyFans.

How does Fansly work?

Fansly works in exactly the same way as OnlyFans and many of these other alternatives. Creators sign up to create a profile and then start uploading photos and videos, which are hidden behind a paywall. They encourage users to sign up for a monthly fee, giving them access to the premium content.

Creators can also offer private messages, photos and videos, usually in exchange for tips. Anyone who wants to build a following should be posting new content regularly, to maintain subscribers and encourage new users to sign up.

Fansly does have a couple of unique features which set it apart. Firstly, it lets users follow accounts for free, without giving them access to premium content. This lets creators tease followers with select videos and photos that they choose to make freely available, which can encourage people to convert into a paying subscriber.

A fun little feature is the emoji option. This allows creators to send photos to fans with either emojis or text covering some of the more interesting parts of the photo. Users can then pay to peel off the emoji or wording. It’s an extra little touch that offers another revenue stream and lets you tease users before they buy.

The one thing that may make you reconsider Fansly as a direct alternative to OnlyFans is name recognition. OnlyFans is hugely popular, which can make it easier to build up a following. Ask someone to subscribe to your OnlyFans and they know exactly what you’re offering. Ask them to subscribe to your Fansly, and you’ve probably got more work to do to convince them of what it is.

Fansly could be well placed if OnlyFans does decide to ban adult content, and serves as a perfectly good option if you want the same experience as OF.

3. Unfiltrd

Unfiltrd is what would happen if you took OnlyFans, added a host of extra features to help it stand out as a much better platform for creators and subscribers, and then made it look even more like Twitter.

And that last comment isn’t a criticism – Twitter works really well and is very intuitive, and by adopting a similar approach (even down to blue ticks, ‘Trending’ and ‘Discover’ feeds and just down to the general layout), it means that Unfiltrd is equally easy to use. OnlyFans already looks similar to Twitter anyway, but Unfiltrd has taken a slightly different tack to cherry-pick the features that actually make a difference, rather than just the menu on the left.

Unfiltrd could be the ideal solution if you want to start a new creator career on a platform that promises enhanced exclusivity and intimacy.

How does Unfiltrd work?

While Unfiltrd pitches itself as being different to the “same old bland fan subscription experiences” that you get with OnlyFans, at its core it does work in a very similar way – creators set up their profile, add content which is hidden behind a paywall, and then users subscribe to the creator (paying a monthly fee) in order to view that hidden content.

What makes Unfiltrd different is the extra layers on top of that – the way that the site has been designed to offer an improved experience for creators and users, and the extra features which can help creators to earn more. We’ve already touched on the layout, but it does work significantly better than OnlyFans – it’s a lot more user-friendly. Creators will have no trouble managing their profiles, and users will instantly understand how the site is designed to work and can find people easily.

That’s a key feature to touch on too. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at OnlyFans is how it has very poor discoverability features, meaning the only way to get new subscribers is to promote your page elsewhere with a direct link. Unfiltrd makes it easier for casual users to browse the site with a dedicated Discover tab, and there’s also a Trending tab where, rather than profiles, trending content is displayed. Users can browse the best videos and posts, and see upcoming events for which they can buy a ticket.

Expanding on that, there are a number of features that Unfiltrd has that OnlyFans doesn’t, including those ticketed events. These are live shows that you can advertise in advance, and users (whether they subscribe to you or not) can pay for a ticket which will grant them access. This is a great tool since it means you can promote a show in advance through various channels and guarantee income, instead of telling people you’re running a live show and hoping they pay to see it as it’s happening.

Other features worth checking out include shorties – short clips of up to 30 seconds that have a dedicated area of the site and help you show off the kind of content you create – and pay-per-minute voice and video chats, along with auctions for digital and physical items.


4. ManyVids

ManyVids calls itself an online ecosystem where any content creator can make money from the content that they produce in a way that works for them. They’re a site that shares many similarities with other OnlyFans alternatives, aiming to allow creators of all kinds – adult and safe-for-work – to make a living from their hard work creating great videos and photos.

ManyVids has some good benefits when compared to OnlyFans and other providers, including one of the most comprehensive list of ways that creators can monetize their content and their online brand. There’s a huge amount of potential here if you’re able to build up a sizeable following.

How does ManyVids work?

ManyVids ultimately works in a very similar way to platforms like OnlyFans, in that you – the creator – will set up your own profile on the website and then upload photos and videos that guests can access if they sign up to your VIP FanClub for a regular monthly fee.

However, ManyVids puts slightly more focus on videos that you also upload for a one-off fee. When users first log onto the site, they’ll see a selection of videos that can be paid for (although some are free), and it’s from here that users may then naturally discover you as well, and decide to either pay for your exclusive fan videos, or message you, or even pay a bundle price for membership to your paid-for content.

5. MYM

MYM classes itself as a ‘premium social media’ website. It works in the same way as other fan platforms, letting creators add content behind a paywall that users access through a subscription. It’s based in France, although is an international site that uses USD as its main currency. MYM stands for Meet Your Model, with an emphasis on giving users ‘behind the scenes’ access to their favourite content creators.

How does MYM work?

MYM is a website that charges users who want to sign up to an individual creator’s private feed. Similar to OnlyFans, it’s pitched at a wide variety of models and personalities. Whether you’re into fitness, cooking, gaming or other niche interests, there are opportunities to share your more private moments with fans for a regular fee.

MYM’s website design is definitely aimed more at a mainstream market. There is no mention of adult content anywhere on the main page, with promotional images and content instead focusing on health influencers, clothed models, singers, chefs and more. Adult content is currently allowed on MYM but don’t expect to be promoted if this is your niche.

One of the key features that helps MYM stand out is the option for creators to offer personalized content. Users are encouraged to send requests to creators, who can then choose to accept or reject the request. So, someone may ask for a custom fitness routine, or a menu involving their favorite foods. For adult creators, it might be a request for a certain act to be performed on camera. Creators aren’t bound to anything to accept these and can block users who send unreasonable requests.

One thing that’s pretty cool that MYM does offer is a default blurring of private content. Most sites will hide content from non-subscribers with an ugly black box, but on MYM your content is blurred instead, which offers just enough of a hint that it might help convert casual viewers into subscribers.

Push media is another unique feature to MYM. This allows creators to send media to both subscribers and former subscribers, who can then choose to pay to unlock it. Alongside the active subscription and custom requests, it’s another useful way to provide content and make money.

Final Thoughts

While OnlyFans is more in an authoritative position compared the other names on this list, the other options might be a great way to generate more income aside from what you’re already earning on OnlyFans. At the end of the day, it’s all about staying connected with your fans while earning extra money.

While OnlyFans is here to stay, it’s safe to say that there are many more excellent alternatives available should you want to explore them. Have any other favourites? Let us know in the comments and we might even feature them in a follow-up to this guide in the future!