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One million dollars is not impossible to earn; it is even easier than you may think. I am a strong believer that everything you want you can achieve! 7 figure salary feels like a dream – it seems impossible to attain even more if you have started to work. This article will get through everything that may help or motivate you to achieve a 7 figure salary.

What Is A 7 Figure Salary? 

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So, what exactly is a seven-figure salary? On the other hand, a seven-figure salary entitles you to a million dollars. On the other hand, a six-figure wage ranges from $100,000 to $999,999 each year. Of course, there are more methods to make a seven-figure income besides a single basic wage!

A 7 figure salary is realistic, but it takes a lot of hard work to get there. Do not expect to get seven figures when you start your career (some may be lucky to have it); it requires patience and work.

While you can do it on your own, developing certain skills might help you stand out from the crowd when applying for positions paying seven figures, as well as in your own business! Here are some high-paying skills to start considering; writing, finance, acting, business management, and presentation.

Top 7 Figure Salary Jobs 

If you want to achieve a seven-figure salary, you may want to think about these skills mentioned above, but there are also specific jobs that pay better than others. For this part, you should be creative and think outside of the box; you do not get to achieve seven figures by being just like everyone else; you should upgrade your career game. However, keep in mind that anything you do, you should do it with passion or get bored and give up.

1. Own A Business

Developing a business will increase your chance of earning a 7 figure salary. But developing a business is not for everyone; you should have the mindset and know that it is not easy to be a business owner.

There are thousands and thousands of businesses out there, so you should diversify your business to have real clients and profit from it. Some people think that owning a business is easy, but it is more difficult than having a 9-5 job.

I would recommend you go for your passion for avoiding feeling bored, as starting to earn from your business may take time.

2. CEOs And C-Level Directors

CEOs and C-level employees are well compensated for their considerable responsibilities. The typical CEO of the top 350 companies in the United States makes $24.2 million, or 351 times the average worker’s income. Apple, GoodRx Holdings, and Tesla are among the companies that pay the highest wages.

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3. Lawyers

Lawyers do not start with $ 1 million, but reaching seven figures is very easy. The more you work, the more you climb the ladder to $ 1 million.

It will help if you have a niche, as you will be more specialized in one category, thus making more money.

4. Sales Representative

Because of the intricacy and size of their sales, enterprise sales professionals are the most likely to make seven figures. Technology and software sales professionals make up the majority of 7-figure salespeople.

 Sales reps frequently begin with substantially lower incomes and work in various industries. However, if they get more experience and refine their talents, they may achieve their objective of a seven-figure wage.

5. Investment Bankers 

Investment bankers often earn a six-figure base salary, but commissions and bonuses account for most of their earnings. They are a company’s source of finance and constantly work to obtain it.

Investment bankers usually work long hours and are under great stress in exchange for their high pay. Due to the enormous earning potential of investment banking roles, they are also very competitive.

You must be at the top of your game to earn this position. However, you may land a job paying a seven-figure wage with the correct education and motivation.

If you want to know every secret about earning a 7 figure salary, make sure to read part 2 of this article. Let us know in the comments if you are motivated to earn a 7 figure salary…