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There are several tools available for advertising, both digital and physical. Despite the rapid development of digital, physical media such as illuminated advertising totems are still relevant. Effective, the use of these luminous devices by signs, companies or shops is constantly increasing. Here is an overview of the advantages of illuminated advertising totems.

Illuminated advertising totems: what are they?


An illuminated advertising totem is a signage device, also known as a sign. As the name suggests, it is used for advertising purposes to inform the public or users of a specific location. To get it, you can call on a specialist in the design of advertising signs while giving details of your expectations. An illuminated advertising totem also helps to orientate and attract customers thanks to the information it contains. It can be displayed vertically or horizontally on a wall, a panel, a notice board or at the entrance to a site.

Thus, a totem pole is available on the market in several shapes, colours and sizes. Examples of illuminated advertising totems are pharmacy crosses, tobacco carrots, enlarged brand logos, hotel logos, supermarket logos and others. Furthermore, a lighted advertising totem can be specially made for indoor or outdoor use, with a double or single side.

What are the advantages of a lighted advertising totem?

The illuminated advertising totem differs from other advertising tools due to its specific characteristics and has many advantages, as follows.

An excellent signage tool

The role of the illuminated advertising totem is to transmit a message in a striking manner to make a lasting impression. Doing so allows for quick and visual reading from a long distance. It is, therefore, an excellent signage tool for advertising in large areas, crossroads, and busy places and indicating their presence.

It is almost impossible for users not to notice the presence of an illuminated advertising totem. With its luminous character and the play of colours, the message conveyed is quickly perceived. This device is, therefore, essential for companies, retailers, shops and shops wishing to be noticed. It contributes enormously to increasing visibility and popularity.

A dynamic and modern information medium

Available in several shapes, colours and lighting systems, the illuminated advertising totem is capable of displaying several images or messages in large characters. The diffusion system is integrated and automatic. This is an asset for varying the content displayed, the colour or conveying a set of messages.

All types of lighting are possible with illuminated advertising totems. You can be sure that your company’s sign will be visible from dozens of metres away by opting for a dynamic and modernized advertising totem.

Saving space

It is also a real space saver to install a lighted advertising totem. It represents an alternative to the many advertising posters that have to be put up all over the city. Depending on the material, you can choose a suitable and customized form of an illuminated advertising totem. For example, one advertising totem is enough to cover an area, as it is visible from several metres away. This saves space and money.

Easy to adapt or install

As an advertising tool, the illuminated advertising totem is installed without major constraints. It is very easy to install, regardless of the support. Moreover, the reception façade is not damaged during or after installation. Make sure that your company is noticed by installing an illuminated totem sign. The process is very simple and does not require specialized labour.

Increased profitability


There is no doubt that the illuminated advertising totem is a powerful marketing tool. As a company offering services or products, this device is ideal for giving you better visibility and informing the customers of your presence in a certain place. Informed with this signage tool, your customer base will grow. This contributes enormously to increased profitability as demand also increases.

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