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Despite all the disruptions caused by the devastating pandemic, 2021 is still said to be another thrilling K-Pop year, abuzz with many satisfying K-pop comebacks. There’s no denying that BTS’ Butter, TWICE’s taste of Love and SHINee’s Don’t Call Me have reinfused zest into our quarantine lives.


However, for K-Pop fans, devotion comes at a very high price.


If I were to sit down and make a list of how much money I’ve spent on supporting my oppas – that’s right I’m a K-Pop fan too –

I think I’ll reach $2000 per month. Wow, I have a serious problem.


Being a K-Pop fan is costly. This is something I’ve learned when I entered the fandom culture two years ago. I started out with a decent account balance only to end up bankrupt a few months later – I can still hear my wallet crying.


So, as a fan, what’s the right thing to do?


Iponing, of course!


If you want to have enough money to buy all the books recommended by Namjoon (even if they are just going to collect dust) or splurge on BTS mini dolls, saving should become more than just a habit to you.


Don’t Wait and Start Immediately

Don’t Wait and Start Immediately

Who said you have to wait for your favorite idols to come to your country or when they will release their new albums to start saving?


There’s no need to wait for any comeback announcements to start your fandom fund. It would be smarter to start as early as possible. 


Establish a Goal

Establish a Goal

All K-Pop fans have something they want to save up for – whether it’s a simple ARMY Bomb or a place for a BTS concert. 


So, think about what’s your goal and try to focus on it. 


Say, your aim is a dream trip to the land of K-Pop. Once you have made a rough estimate of the price of that dream, use it as a target that you have to achieve by the end of the year. In this way, you’ll feel much more motivated. 


Decide on Where to Keep Your Savings

Decide on Where to Keep Your Savings

A personal tip: I strongly recommend against choosing an old school glass jar, especially if, like me, you won’t be able to stop your hand from digging into the jar. 


 If you’d ask me, I prefer to keep my savings – even if they are not much – in the bank. Trust me, it’s best to keep your savings completely off-limits.


Compromise but Don’t Sacrifice

Compromise but Don’t Sacrifice

Be it a relationship or undying love towards K-Pop idols, there’s nothing worse than sacrifice. 


Sacrifice sounds too dramatic and makes the whole concept more daunting. That’s why I say it should be a compromise and not sacrifice. 


Let me give you some examples:


·Forget that bold flavor and aromatic sweetness at your favorite café and choose to make your own brew at home.


·How about considering home-packed meals – which are healthier – for work or school?


·You know how much people tend to waste to curb their sudden food cravings. I suggest carrying your own snacks and a bottle of juice.


In the long run, you’ll be surprised when these “little” things will be enough to cover for a VIP ticket to your favorite idol’s concert. 




Saving money requires a lot of that one word itself. 


I know you’ll be tempted to buy items like photocards and shirts. And, my advice to resist that temptation is to have a mental debate in your head – whether you really need it or not. Analyze the situation and think whether it’s a need or just a crazy fan’s crazy want. 


Learn to Let Go

Learn to Let Go

When I started my journey as a K-Pop fan, I never thought I would ever sell the items I’ve worked hard for. But, here I am, asking you to do the same thing I did a few months ago. 


Yes, yes, I hear you. How can I? It feels like betrayal and bla bla bla…


Honestly, it would take some time but you would realize that eventually one day you’ll need to let go of these things. 


The last thing I’d like to say is that you don’t need to spend over $1k to be a real K-Pop fan. Supporting them, for example, just by telling a friend to listen to one of their songs is enough to be called a fan. At least in my perspective.