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It is 2022, there are a lot of projects that you have in your head, but unfortunately, there is a lack of finances when it comes to accomplishing them. I have one possible solution for you; Fiverr… 

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr before, it is an online platform where freelancers can sell services to clients. It can be anything from article writing to website development. There are many other tools like Fiverr, but in this article, we will focus on Fiverr and show you the world of opportunities it offers…

Now, it may sound like a piece of cake, but unfortunately, it isn’t that easy… but in this article, you will be able to learn the potholes that you may be confronted with so that you can prepare yourself in advance and ditch them. Without further delay, let’s get into the Fiverrish world…

Get To Know Fiverr


Side Hustle 2022: Fiverr

As with any other platform, when you first get on here, you should explore and familiarize yourself with it to use it fully. You should see the different options and your competitions because, yes, there are a lot of other profiles on Fiverr besides yours, and you should be able to stand out from the crowd.

Look for the profiles that offer the same service as you do, and look at their gigs, what they offer, and what the pricing is; this will give you an idea about your pricing. On Fiverr, you will notice that there are some badges’ top sellers, or bottom-end sellers’ this is determined by the amount of work they have been given, draw the differences between them.

Your Gig

Your gig is your number one ally when it comes to having orders… It is not the sole way of gaining orders, but it is one among the top. So, you will have to work on that to attract clients.

You should include; what you offer, your price, a brief and concise description of your services. You want to think about it well before publishing to avoid scaring away potential clients.


Pricing on Fiverr is quite tricky; you don’t want to put your price too high when you just started; it will be too difficult to gain clients, start at the bottom and work your way up. I know that it will be quite hard, but you will need to undersell your skills at first.


You will need three things to set up your profile; your description, price, and images. If you are good with editing images, you can do it yourself, or else you can hire someone to do it for you. You want your images to be eye-catching without being too flashy. It should be attractive but professional.

You can add different things that will attract clients, for example, fast delivery, error-proof, extra revision, etc. 


You will often work on reviews, so the more you get, the more clients you will get. This is a reputation-based platform. This is the sad part of Fiverr, especially for those who just started… So the best thing you could ever do is go out and get these reviews. Yes, you’ve understood it right; YOU will need to find clients at first…

You can find clients on the ‘community boards’ of Fiverr, this is where buyers normally post what they are looking for, and sellers make their offer. This is a good way of interacting with different clients; even if they dodge you, it is not a problem; at least you get to witness what a seller-buyer interaction looks like.


Side Hustle 2022: Fiverr

Trustworthy Relationship 

After some time, when you are done completing a few works, you should find a way for these buyers to come back to you. It will help you generate the three R’s of Fiverr; revenue, reviews, and reputation.

Some sellers offer attractive packages, you should ALWAYS deliver quality content, and you may even re-contact your old buyers.


Keep in mind that Fiverr measures everything, so if you want to be a top seller, you should answer your potential client promptly and complete work during the deadline set. This will grow your account, making you one of the ‘Top sellers’.

Now you know quite everything about Fiverr, and you may want to set up your new side hustle for 2022, you should be patient and always strive to be the best in what you will do. Do not fear rejection, do not be ashamed to go out and look for the client. There is no such thing as pride here. In the comments, let us know what you think about freelancing online as a side hustle…