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Wouldn’t it be nice to figure out a way how to get more than that miserable salary you get every month?

And, let me clarify it here itself, please spare me from the “money doesn’t buy happiness” thing. Honestly, tell me, who can be happy unless they have a cozy home to live in, a pleasant car to ride in and nice food to eat? I mean, think about it, do you think that poor and needy parent can be happy if he doesn’t have enough money to give appropriate clothes to his child?

Anyway, coming back to the main topic, here are some easy and simple ways how you can double your money:

#1. Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube

Lights, Camera, Cash!


Many of today’s self-made celebrities – I am talking about YouTube stars – have earned popularity, an audience and wealth all due to teaching, entertaining, reviewing and playing cool and awesome on the net.

You won’t believe it, but these people have become small-screen celebs because they have done what needed to be done to attain that level of fame and to make money.

If the idea of starting a YouTube channel still doesn’t convince here, have a look at the amount of money people are earning out of YouTube:

  • Ryan Kaji, $29.5 million (41.7 million subscribers)
  • Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), $24 million (47.8 million subscribers)
  • Dude Perfect, $23 million (57.5 million subscribers)
  • Rhett & Link, $20 million (41.8 million subscribers)
  • Markiplier (Mark Fischbach), $19.5 million (27.8 million subscribers)
  • Preston Arsement, $19 million (33.4 million subscribers)

By now, I’m sure you must have reached to “how do I get started?”

So, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Setup and build your YouTube channel.
  2. Try to add high-quality content. And, note that uploading regularly is highly recommended.
  3. Here’s the real key to double your money: building an audience.
  4. The monetization phase is when you allow YouTube to put ads in your videos.
  5. You can try to get at least 4,000 watch hours to start earning money.
  6. Then, set up Google Adsense.
  7. Make sure you are checking out your analytics.
  8. Try to promote your videos elsewhere. For example, create a website, write a blog or post your videos on some other social media platform.

#2. Turn Your Hobby Into an Income

Turn Your Hobby Into an Income

A profile bio might not include impressive achievements and what drives me crazier sometimes is how even many accomplished people fail to include links to their work, but what’s always featured is the hobby or activity you enjoy.

You might be a book lover, logophile, an avid hiker or a coffee enthusiast, but did you know you could use your hobby as means of generating income?

Here are some ideas on how you can make money out of your passions:


Writing can open a wide range of doors of opportunity for you.

For instance, one of the most obvious ways to make money is to use your writing skills as a freelancing service and for that, you can reach on sites such as or


Now, if you have the discipline and the good practice, you could also create your own blog-based business.


2. Photography:


Photography is not only about the hobby but also artwork.


If you are indeed really good at using a camera, I suggest you become a freelance photographer. Or, you could also sell your photos as stock photos or prints. Today, you have lots of photographers who depict their talent on Instagram and they are able to monetize their massive following and popularity.


3. Music:


Everyone loves music. But, of course, there are some who are totally obsessed with it. 


So, for those who cannot live without music, you can go the traditional way of recording your own music and then selling it on your own website or hosting it on a platform such as SoundCloud.


4. Comedy:


Wait, how exactly can I earn money with my sense of humor?


Simple: By making people laugh.


But, for that, you will need a large heterogeneous audience. Hmm…where do you think you can amass such a large audience?


On social media platforms, of course!


By creating hot memes and uploading videos of your niche sense of humor, you can actually build fame and make money for yourself.

Now, now, the list is not done yet. And, if you really want to double that little sum of money you get each month, come back for part 2!