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The complementary health insurance covered 64 million people in 2019, according to Previssima. As policyholders always want the best coverage condition, they can change their mutual health insurance. Sometimes to save money, to be better protected, or to adapt the offers to new needs, the cancellation of a health insurance contract is common. To do so, here are the essentials to know.

Is There Any Reason to Cancel Complementary Health Insurance?

During the first year of affiliation, the law gives you the right to cancel for the following reasons:

Moving: a change of address outside of France requires a person to subscribe to an international health insurance plan.

Change of job: when a person joins a new company, they are obliged to subscribe to the complementary health insurance of their company. This means that they can cancel their individual health insurance.

Change of marital status: a change of profile (marriage or divorce) allows you to change your complementary health insurance to mutual insurance adapted to your needs.

Professional retirement: an employee who retires can also request the portability of his company mutual insurance. They also have the choice to subscribe to a mutual insurance for retirees.

Joining the CSS: joining the complementary health insurance is also a reason to cancel your current mutual insurance.

It is also interesting to change your health insurance when your current health insurance does not meet your needs. Sometimes the reimbursements are not adapted to the specific needs of the person: hospitalization, dental care, etc.

It is also possible that the proposed complementary health insurance reimbursement periods are too long. Other cases such as an amicable agreement with the insurer, non-payment of insurance contributions, or an omission can also constitute a reason for canceling a mutual insurance company.

For the cancellation to be final, the incident must impact the insured risk.

If you do not have any particular reason to change your mutual insurance company, you need to wait for one year of contract. This is the infra-annual cancellation. In this case, you will not be asked to provide any supporting documents or pay any fees when you terminate your contract.

Is It Possible to Cancel a Mutual Insurance at Any Time?

Some mutual insurance companies are group contracts for which membership is optional. Since December 2020, you can cancel a complementary health insurance whenever you want. The only condition is that the anniversary date of your contract has already passed.

For a change of situation, every insured person has the right to terminate their complementary health insurance for three months. To do so, they must send the notice of cancellation of mutual insurance one month before. When sending the cancellation letter, the insured person must send it with a supporting document.

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How to Realize Your Mutual Insurance?

To claim your rights, you must send a request to the insurer by registered or straightforward mail or by e-mail. The insurer must receive it within three months of the date of the event. The cancellation will take effect one month after receipt of the letter.

The content of the letter of cancellation changes according to the reason for cancellation. It must be presentable enough for the mutual insurance company to accept it.

If you are about to join a group contract, you must attach a certificate to your letter of cancellation.

Next, if you want to find an excellent mutual health insurance contract, it is always better to compare the insurance offers available on the market. Moreover, within the framework of the infra-annual cancellation, your new insurer will take care of the cancellation procedures at your old insurer on your behalf.