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Buying travel insurance is an essential procedure before going on vacation. If it is well known, the different types of insurance are less known. This is the case with family travel insurance. It is a formula that allows family members to benefit from insurance during their stay abroad. Family travel insurance is a less expensive alternative to traditional travel insurance, allowing the whole family to benefit from the same rates. Indeed, buying individual travel insurance for each family member can be extremely expensive. Find out in this article the benefits of family travel insurance and all the incidents it covers.

What Does Family Travel Insurance Cover?

Family travel insurance covers many risks. However, the incidents covered, the maximum coverage and the deductibles of this type of insurance depend on the contract and the company. These are essential criteria for choosing the type of insurance.

Coverage of Medical Expenses

Like traditional travel insurance, family travel insurance covers medical expenses (consultation and hospitalization) during the stay in the destination country.

Repatriation in Case of Need

Repatriation is also a mandatory part of family travel insurance. The hospital infrastructure in the host country cannot deal with specific incidents, hence the need for repatriation.

Insurance For the Trip Itself

Travel insurance also provides reimbursement and compensation for incidents related to the trip, including trip cancellation and lost luggage. It should be noted that this insurance differs from the European regulations in case of flight cancellation or delay.

Private Liability

In the event of incidents causing material or human damage in the host country, travel insurance covers the damage up to the amount stipulated in the contract.

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For Whom Is This Type of Insurance Intended?

Family travel insurance is a specialized type of insurance for members of the same family. It usually concerns a direct family relationship, i.e., parents and their children. However, it is essential to consider specific clauses before signing a family travel insurance contract.

The Number of People Insured

Some insurance companies limit the number of people insured, even if they belong to a single-family. If this limit is reached, the rest of the members must purchase individual travel insurance.

The Obligation to Travel Together

To benefit from the coverage, all beneficiaries must travel together. Otherwise, members who wish to travel alone must purchase individual insurance. This is also a clause to consider before purchasing family travel insurance.

Age Limit

The age limit imposed by some companies is 25 years. Therefore, even if it is your child, they must purchase individual travel insurance (even if you are traveling together).

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What Are the Points to Consider Before Purchasing This Insurance?

In addition to the various conditions, there are some important points to consider.

The Frequency of Your Trip

Defining how often you travel as a family will help you choose the right type of insurance. If you regularly travel more than once a year, annual coverage is the most appropriate. However, other options are also available depending on how often you travel.

For an occasional trip, a package will provide the services and benefits you need for the duration of your stay.

The Company’s Offers

To find the one that perfectly meets your requirements, it is wise to compare the offers. These vary from one company to another and even within the same company, depending on the package chosen.