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Do you want to improve the thermal performance of your home? Then we advise you to proceed to energy renovation works and choose your energy supplier well to get a better energy bonus. Also called “prime coup de pouce”, the energy bonus is defined as a financial subsidy for individuals (owners or tenants) in their energy renovation work: insulation work, installation of heating equipment, and renewable energy production.

How Does the Energy Bonus Work?

The government launched the energy bonus in 2017 and is part of the regulatory scheme of CEE or Certificats d’Économie d’Énergie (Energy Savings Certificates), which was introduced in 2005. Indeed, the legislator asked energy suppliers to encourage the beneficiaries of the energy bonus to reduce their energy consumption and make financial savings, under penalty of heavy taxes. Only companies that have signed the “Coup de pouce chauffage” and “Coup de pouce isolation” charters can grant this bonus.


The amount of the bonus differs according to each case. It is fixed according to the nature of the work, the geographical situation, and the household’s standard of living. Moreover, there is no ceiling for the energy bonus. In other words, there is no minimum or maximum amount. Thus, there is a strong chance that it covers the work completely. Moreover, this bonus can be cumulated with other financial aids, such as the eco-loan at 0 rate (interest-free loans that can be reimbursed over 15 years) and the Tax Credit for Energy Transition (tax deduction).


Moreover, it is impossible to apply for a second energy bonus for the same energy renovation project.

What Are the Conditions of Eligibility?

To be eligible for the energy bonus, you must meet a few conditions.

The conditions related to the housing:
– it must have existed for at least 2 years
– it must be used as your primary or secondary residence

The conditions related to the work:
– they must reduce energy consumption
– they must improve the living conditions of the occupants
– they must concern one of the following works: the replacement of an oil-fired boiler by a more efficient equipment which works thanks to renewable energy (wood, biomass), the insulation of the attic or roof.
– They must be carried out by a professional who is a certified environmental guarantor (RGE).

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What Are the Steps To Obtain an Energy Bonus?

The steps differ according to each energy supplier. But in general, they are carried out in 6 steps:

First, you either go directly to the energy supplier of your choice or consult its website. Formulate your request for an energy bonus and ask for a commitment letter. This letter only commits the energy supplier to pay you a bonus once your application has been validated and completed your work.


Secondly, receive a certificate of honor, which you will fill in with the professional who will carry out the work. You will check together the technical criteria required to benefit from this bonus.


Thirdly, request several estimates from several professionals. Choose the most beneficial estimate and sign it.


Fourth, have your work done by an RGE qualified craftsman.


Fifth, prepare the work file requested and send it to your energy supplier within a period determined by your supplier, from the date you received the invoice for your work. This file must contain :
– a copy of the estimate or order form for the installation and supply of the equipment, signed by you
– a copy of the invoice for the installation and supply of the equipment, describing the performance, brand and reference of the product- the original of the certificate of honour
– a copy of the professional’s RGE qualification
– a copy of the documents proving your taxable income (tax notice, non-taxable notice, etc.), which are issued by the tax authorities.


Sixth, receive your energy bonus, after validation of your file.