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Focus on online car insurance! Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to go to an agency to buy car insurance: low rates, immediate subscription, zero travel. Insurers are doing their best with 100% online packages.



The principle of car insurance, as with all insurance, is to protect an insured against various risks in exchange for a payment here called the insurance premium. The only compulsory guarantee of car insurance is the civil liability guarantee.

This covers damage caused by the driver to a third party: other vehicle, pedestrian, passenger of your vehicle, or of a third party vehicle… The civil liability covers everything except the driver himself and his car. That’s why it is also called third-party insurance.

However, you will find that this minimum coverage is often accompanied by other optional and paid coverages that take care of other types of risks. Some of these guarantees protect the vehicle against specific risks (fire, theft, glass breakage, attack, natural disasters).

Online car insurance: what exactly is it?

Like traditional car insurance, online car insurance also allows you to take all the necessary steps: signing up for an insurance contract, declaring a claim, signing a contract, requesting documents, etc. The only difference is that online car insurance does not have agents and physical agencies. In addition, the process is 100% online: by phone or on the insurer’s website.

What are the advantages of buying car insurance online?


Online car insurance generally offers dematerialized services. It also offers much more flexible and comprehensive services than traditional insurance. There are many advantages that it can offer to the insured:

  • Saving time: because the insured does not have to go to an agency. The transmission of documents is done by e-mail. This speeds up the application process.
  • A quick and immediate subscription: if the insured has just bought a new car, he only has to call his insurer before driving it. This way, they can get coverage and drive their car with peace of mind.
  • Low rates: Most online car insurance companies offer the same services as traditional insurance companies. But, some of them can even offer much lower rates.

Why buy car insurance online?

Most online car insurance companies specialize in different types of policies, offers, and profiles by offering paperless services. Therefore, they are the ideal insurers for drivers with problems, such as a canceled contract (non-payment, high claims record) or who have an extremely high malus.

Indeed, online car insurances can offer them offers and formulas adapted to their needs. Moreover, many traditional insurers consider this case “risky” and do not want to contract with drivers in difficulty. Online car insurance also offers coverage adapted to the needs of the insured:

  • Covering a vehicle for a concise period of time;
  • Offer a flexible rate.

How to make the right choice of online car insurance?


Choosing an agency with which you cannot have an overview of the benefits and services is not always easy. It is advisable to use an online car insurance comparator to make it easier. This allows you to get an online quote and choose the insurer that can offer the best protection.

Calculate the rates of online insurers

Before buying car insurance online, it is important to know the rates of online car insurers. To do this, it is advisable to fill out an online form indicating:

  • The insured’s profile: where they live, when they got their driving license, age, etc.
  • All the driving history of the insured: traffic violations, responsible accidents, malus-bonus coefficient, etc.
  • The car to be insured: by indicating its power, its make, its model, the value and the date of purchase, etc.
  • The use of the car: parking mode, annual mileage, etc.

An online simulator also allows an insured to access a page displaying all the benefits of online car insurance. Sometimes, the quotes displayed there show the monthly and annual price of the coverage offered. Thus, all you have to do is choose the insurer that can meet your vehicle’s requirements and budget for car insurance.

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