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Since a few years now, it must be admitted that green investment, also called ecological investment, has developed at an almost astonishing speed. Many people say that they attach great importance to this type of investment. This is what justifies without a doubt their apparent desire to look for safe and meaningful investments.

In terms of ecological investment, several areas can be considered. It can be urban planning, the agri-food sector, or even energy. Do you want to invest in green assets, but you don’t know how to go about it? Here are the essentials to remember to optimize your investment!

Green Investment: Turn To Establishments with a Positive Impact on the Environment

If your goal is to invest in the green, it is essential to entrust your savings to structures or companies that positively impact the environment in general. Several sectors are considered in these cases, but the most dynamic remains that of renewable energy. This is a safe investment that will make you profitable for sure. You can, for example, associate yourself with companies whose stock value has increased considerably in recent years.

The renewable energy sector represents an absolute gold mine if you want to make your assets grow. So, don’t hesitate to look around to find the right company for you.

Green Investing: Why Not Opt for Green Funds?

Still called equity funds, green funds are shares issued by specific companies. Indeed, it is about structures having a positive impact on the environment. How does it work? You simply invest in a fund that in turn, invests in impact companies.

To help you see things more clearly, a label dedicated exclusively to green funds was created in 2013. It is called Novethic. This label selects structures whose projects have a positive impact on nature, but that is not all. At least 20% of the turnover of these selected establishments must come from several environmental activities. When you decide to invest in green funds, knowing that it is a safe and efficient investment is essential. However, you must take your time to choose a quality fund that ensures a good selection of companies and institutions.

Investing in the Environment: Opt for Green Bonds

Green bonds are shares issued by large companies in the energy or construction sector. Some people might confuse this type of bond with green funds, but it’s not.

While there are similarities, it should be noted that these bonds can be issued not only by a specific class of companies but also by public actors. How does this work? Some entities issue debt, and others have the opportunity to become their creditors. If you want to make this type of investment, it is vital to have a particular financial weight. Nevertheless, if you are interested in this green investment, it is possible to access it through specialized investment funds.

Green Investing through Participatory Financing

Many people agree that this type of financing seems to be the solution par excellence to invest in the green. Thanks to it, you can invest in several projects related to the energy transition. It is an excellent way to be an actor of change while earning interest and making your assets grow. It is, therefore, an exciting option to make ecological investments.