Moneyadviceblog » Business » What Can You Do to Expand Your Local Business’ Sales Network?

The profitability of a business is often measured by the sales it makes. In other words, only with good deals you can measure the scope of your business. But, to achieve such an expansion, you will have to put in place specific strategies, but what are these strategies, and how can you use them to increase the awareness of your local structure? This article answers your questions!

Use Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are the first lever you can use to expand your sales network. Speaking of advertising campaigns, the idea is to make your local business known to new prospects or leads. Then, with the right tips, you can turn these prospects into customers and expand your network. To do your advertising campaigns, it is essential to establish a very precise plan. This plan should outline the characteristics of your new audience (gender, age, regions, etc.), the budget, and the advertising period.

Once you have established your plan, you must then choose the channel through which you will advertise. Depending on the products you are selling, you can opt for a campaign via media or social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.). Another alternative would be to hire influencers to promote your local business. By doing this, you are more likely to target a large audience and reach many new customers. Thus, the sales network of your local business will definitely be expanded.

Make Promotional Offers

Very often, the restriction of your sales network is not caused by the lack of audience. Otherwise, you may well have a high number of leads but have a very small network. It is often better to offer a suitable promotional offer to old customers and new prospects in these circumstances. Speaking of promotional offers, this can be done through price reductions on products. Thus, during a given period, you can offer lower prices to customers while guaranteeing the quality of the product. To provide more scope to this alternative, you can organize it as a “Black Friday”.

But, in other cases, you could also create promo codes that customers will have to use over a while. The strategy of promotional offers has the advantage of retaining old customers and attracting new ones. Through this process, you can expand your sales network. But, to avoid losing too much profit, it is wise to analyze the market and propose an offer that benefits both your company and the customer. For example, instead of applying a discount on a single product, you can decide to do it when the customer adds at least three products to the cart.

Offer New Competitive Products.

To expand your sales network, you can also act on the products you offer. Here, the objective is to provide potential customers with a competitive product that is new or not widespread on the market. Well, before proposing such a product, it is crucial to analyze its functional and emotional benefits. These two benefits will allow you to differentiate from your competitors and conquer a new market. For example, to optimize this strategy, try to offer a product that highlights benefits not found in the competition.

For example, if the competitors sell quality products, your product should also be of high quality, at a lower cost, and easily accessible. By creating an additional benefit of accessibility, you will attract competitors’ customers and expand your sales network. If you want to expand your network exponentially, you can simply couple a competitive product with a promotional offer. When combined, these two elements can increase your customers and increase the size of your sales network tenfold.