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Maritime transport is the big winner of globalization. The container is its symbol. The organization of maritime transport is extremely hierarchical and reflects the highly structured organization of world space. Facilitating international exploration and trade, the great ocean abounds with expected wealth for a country. Several interesting and income-generating activities are possible. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about maritime transportation.

A lever for international trade



Every year, millions of containers circulate around the world through maritime transport. This means of transport can carry billions of tons of goods. To this end, a volume of 10.3 billion tonnes of goods was recorded in 2017 according to the Review of maritime Transport. This figure continues to increase until today thanks to the great flexibility of this transport.

This facilitates national and international exchanges for the benefit of international companies and the local population. Indeed, goods of any kind can be loaded on the boats. We can find there the transport of fuels and cereals. These are vital products for the needs of the population. When they are in short supply, their prices are revised upwards to be able to meet the massive demands national and international companies.

Indeed, industrial countries such as those on the European continent import raw materials, such as vanilla and shrimp, for the operation of their businesses. On the other hand, they export finished products such as foodstuffs and construction equipment to emerging countries.

Thus, maritime transport contributes to the development of countries around the world. On the other hand, it has certain advantages over other modes of transport. Besides its bulky capacity, the cost of shipping goods by sea is cheaper compared to air transport and has a 30% lower difference compared to land transport. On the other hand, a port infrastructure lasts longer in time and no significant expenditure is necessary for its maintenance, when compared to that of roads. In addition, opt for maritime transportsecures your goods, as they are firmly packed in sea freight containers and are at no risk. When you want to send parcels from Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East, contact an international transport company to benefit from it.

An asset for passengers on board


Although the travel is a bit slow compared to an airplane, traveling by boat is a wonderful way to explore the world. Opting for a cruise is a godsend when you want to visit several countries. On the boat you can admire the beautiful seascapes and archipelagos, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun. Moreover, the ocean liner is so vast that many individuals, from various walks of life, are inside.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet new relationships and to share. Spacious, the boat has everything you need to give you comfort and put you at ease. Like luxury hotels, it is equipped with toilets, bedrooms, bar, internet access, etc. Likewise, when you are not feeling well, hospitals are already available there. For example, in case of seasickness, you can contact them.

Moreover, given the length of the trip, which sometimes lasts a few months, several activities are offered to make you happy. On board, there are, for example, moments of relaxation, Spa and cinema. The crew has many surprises in store for you to make your vacation unforgettable and full of discoveries.

Regarding the price, be aware that the transport costs are cheaper than those of air transport. You can check with the cruise ship office to ask for pricing details. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about maritime transportation.