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A swimming pool located in your garden is an undeniable asset to your home. Whether it is heated or not, it has the power to enhance your moments of relaxation. However, being a pool owner, you have legal obligations to declare the presence of your pool, even for private use, and to subscribe to pool insurance. This article will give you an overview of pool insurance.

What is pool insurance?


Pool insurance is an optional coverage offered by a home insurance policy; in other words, it is optional and is an extension of the coverage included in your home insurance. It is triggered when the safety of the pool is compromised when a pool accident occurs or when any of the damages caused by the insured events (theft, fire, natural disasters, etc.) occur.

What are the guarantees and risks covered by pool insurance?

The guarantees covered by the pool insurance can be summarized in 3 points:

    • The automatic guarantees that cover the public order guarantee: ensure the damage caused by the failure of the structure. They are of 3 types. First is the guarantee of perfect completion, for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This requires the intervention of a professional company to repair all defects and problems raised, even minor, by the owner. Then, for a period of 2 years, the biennial warranty covers each element of your pool, even if you are the one who installed it. Finally, the decennial guarantee of the builder, also called professional liability insurance, for 10 years after delivery. This obliges the builder (through his professional insurance) to take material and financial responsibility for major defects.
    • The essential guarantees are divided into civil liability and damage guarantees. The first covers swimming pool accidents causing injuries or drowning to a third party. Indeed, it avoids the engagement of your personal pecuniary responsibility to treat the victims of the accident and to support the heavy financial consequences. While the second covers the pool, with its equipment and accessories for maintenance and leisure, such as the pool robot, the spa area, etc.
    • The optional guarantees include 3 parts of coverage. The multi-risk coverage ensures all the equipment of your pool (technical room, safety devices, pumping system, etc.) in case of damage. The cover against theft is an indemnity in case of removal of your accessories, furniture, and fixed installations. And the cover against the possible breakage of the equipment of the technical room and the swimming pool shelter.

What are the conditions for the application for swimming pool insurance?

The regulations in force impose the conditions of application for swimming pool insurance. In order for the insurance to be valid, please declare the presence of your pool and make sure that your outdoor, in-ground, or semi inground pool corresponds to the imposed standards by including at least one safety device, among the 4 that exist: an audible alarm system detecting falls (NF P90-307 1), a protective barrier measuring at least 1.10 m away from the edge of the pool (NF P90-306), a hardcover covering its top (NF P90-309), a solid system covering its surfaces such as a tarpaulin and a hanging device(NF P90-308).

To install a pool that meets the safety standards, call a company that specializes in pool works. In case of violation of these standards, the pool owner is exposed to a heavy fine, up to 45.000 euros, plus penal sanctions in case of a serious pool accident. In addition, your pool insurer may add its conditions of coverage.

How to benefit from the pool guarantee?


To benefit from the pool guarantee, first declare the loss to your insurer according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the pool insurance contract. The deadline for the declaration depends on each insurer.

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