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Are you planning to start a business? The financial situation is crucial. It can be very complicated to finance your project, considering the various taxes and charges to pay. Therefore, it is essential to know all the aid for creating a company that you can benefit from to succeed in your project.

It can be a purely financial device or a tax advantage translating into reduced taxes. However, considering the diversity of the existing devices taking various forms, it sometimes seems complicated to find. So, discover through this article the main aids offered to create a company so that you can see more clearly.

The NACRE device: a zero-interest loan

The device New Accompaniment for the Creation and the Reprise of Company is a help dedicated to creating a company taken by eligible entrepreneurs. The aid is divided into 3 phases:

  • Help in setting up the project.
  • Help with financing obtained via a zero-interest loan.
  • Support for the company’s development that can be requested during the 3 years following its creation.

This device is provided by a support organization approved by the State, such as the creation support organization, an association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or a certified accountant.

The Device of Aid to the Creators and Resumes of Companies

It is a help for creating a company that consists of social support of the reduction of charges in the first three years of exercise. It is a device open to almost all business creators because now, almost all entrepreneurs are entitled to it, and there are no steps to get it.

The Young Innovative Company status

The Young Innovative Company (JEI) status is a financial aid that excludes social charges for young companies and innovative projects. It is a right granted by the tax authorities, which may optionally require a justified request within the first 10 months of operation of your company.

The BPI device

A public investment bank is an organization under the supervision of the State. It assists you in obtaining financing and development aid. The BPI offers you bonding solutions and guarantees to convince your financial institution or partner bank to follow you throughout the realization of your project.

The advantage is that this organization offers various forms of assistance, such as

– The creation guarantee: it comes in addition to a bank loan guaranteed up to 60% for a project of creating a new company. But if you want to take over a business, it is 50%.

So if it’s a tiny business or a small and medium-sized business that you’ve just started, and it’s been created less than three months, you can benefit from this aid. However, this guarantee is only eligible in the case of financing covering tangible and intangible investments, the purchase of a business, and working capital constituting the cash flow that allows you to invest and develop your business.

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– Bank Guarantee for Cash Flow Reinforcement:

As for the guarantee creation, this one also complements a bank loan when it exceeds 2 years. The purpose of this loan is to reinforce your company’s working capital. In other words, it offers you the opportunity to invest much more and develop your company. You can opt for this device if you encounter cash flow difficulties during the creation phase.