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In some countries, such as France, health insurance is mandatory for all employees. However, this social security generally only covers some of the medical expenses. This is why it is essential to complement it with mutual health insurance, which subscription is entirely free and optional. So, how to know which is the best health insurance plan?

How to Choose Health Insurance?

When choosing a health insurance policy, several criteria must be taken into account, including your needs: do you suffer from a particular illness, etc.

Age and budget are also important parameters. For example, dental care is a significant expense for a household since the cost of care and prostheses can be very expensive. Of course, they are included in the social security coverage, but the reimbursement is sometimes insufficient.

In addition, implant operations are not included in the coverage. This is why it is essential to take out a complimentary dental plan. With age, the need for medical care can also increase. This is the case for seniors, as specific diseases such as rheumatism, back pain, and hearing problems are more frequent. Taking out a mutual insurance policy will therefore help them to reduce the costs of paramedical care and analyses.

All medical care and examinations are not always covered by social security for pregnant women. However, the pregnancy period implies regular medical follow-up (sophrology, gynecology, prenatal examination, etc.), not to mention the expenses to be expected in case of complications during childbirth. By subscribing to mutual maternity insurance, you can benefit from optimal coverage for medical care before and after childbirth.

Is It Possible to Subscribe to Two Health Insurance Plans?

The main reason to subscribe to a health insurance plan is to cover medical care not covered by health insurance. It is also possible to have two health insurance plans to get more coverage. It is common for an employee to have a company health insurance plan and that of their husband or wife.

However, it is strictly forbidden to declare a benefit to both mutual insurance companies. You can only be reimbursed once. On the other hand, the two plans can complement each other. The other contract and vice versa can reimburse benefits the first mutual insurance company does not cover. However, this implies two payments of contributions. This means additional expenses. From this point of view, taking out two mutual insurance policies is very advantageous.

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Is It Possible to Cancel a Health Insurance Policy?

Previously, it was not allowed to cancel a health insurance policy, but it has been since December 1, 2020. Before, it was also necessary to wait for the expiration date to be able to break the contract, except in the case of :

a change of situation that can be professional or personal (moving, marriage, divorce, etc.) ;
a claim;
an unjustified rate increase, etc.

However, this is now possible, even before the due date and even free of charge. However, there are certain conditions to respect:

  • Your contract must have been taken out for more than 12 months;
  • You must notify your insurer by e-mail, letter, or customer service area.
  • On the other hand, companies may require that you proceed by the extra-judicial act.
  • The cancellation will take effect approximately 1 month after the notification of the cancellation of the contract. Please note that you must also inform your new insurer of this situation.