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More than 40% of students have a paid job in addition to their studies. In which professions or sectors are they recruited? Discover our list of interesting student jobs for you; they are attractive because they do not require many hours of work or pay more than the minimum wage. More than 98% of the jobs held by students who work outside of class are off campus.

Here are 5 areas or professions that offer student jobs. Some of these jobs are easy to find, but they are not related to your studies and pay very little. If possible, look for jobs that pay a little more and do not exhaust you physically and mentally. Your mind must remain available for your main job: studying. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best side hustles that college students should look into.

1. Doing homework help and tutoring


“Seeking home teacher for homework help for a 6th grader one hour per week starting September 16. Remuneration from 17.5 dollars to 20 dollars gross per hour”. This type of advertisement is not uncommon at the beginning of each school year and even throughout the year. Tutoring high school students is a good plan: you choose your availability, are paid more than the minimum wage, and work depends on your intellectual skills. You teach at home or a distance (by videoconference).

Some organizations recruit students throughout the United States to do this, or you can offer your services to people in your neighborhood. You can also register on platforms that put you in contact with other students.

2. Working part-time in the small and large retail sector

Target, Walmart, Costco… All the major retail chains are recruiting massively for part-time positions as cashiers or self-service employees. These jobs rarely pay more than the minimum wage, but they can be interesting as long as you don’t work too many hours and don’t burn out.

Some brands offer permanent and fixed-term contracts of 10 hours per week, especially for students. Others also offer part-time permanent contracts for salespersons or warehouse workers in specialized distribution. Some offers allow for 10 hours of work per week. A volume of hours that will not compete too much with the time you have to devote to your studies. Also, consider small stores that recruit part-time on weekends or during the week.

3. Playing host/hostess and switchboard operator in the event industry


Events such as fairs, exhibitions, congresses, concerts, or sports competitions have come to a halt during the peak of the health crisis. As a result, job offers in this field are on the rise again. Host and hostess agencies are regularly recruiting for specific missions. You will be placed in a company or at an event (a trade show, a congress, a concert, etc.) to welcome customers, visitors, and personalities.

Put forward your possible mastery of foreign languages to be paid more. Many companies specialize in these jobs and recruit switchboard operators in charge of the physical and telephone reception of companies. Make sure you present yourself well during recruitment interviews. In these jobs, the golden rule is “2P2S” for “punctuality, presentation, service, smile”!

4. Raise funds for associations

Doctors of the World, the Refuge, WWF, Action Against Hunger, etc. What if you become a donor recruiter? You will walk the streets and stop passers-by for a good cause: collecting funds in the street for humanitarian or non-governmental organizations. You must convince passers-by to make a permanent donation.

Some companies also offer a calendar of upcoming missions on their website. See if the dates are compatible with your student schedule. On average, this job pays from 11 to 17 dollars gross per hour. You must be dynamic and in a good mood, as well as have a strong capacity for persuasion.

5. Conducting surveys


Customer satisfaction surveys, political polls, telemarketing… Consulting firms, polling institutes, and telemarketing companies are recruiting more and more to reinforce their existing teams. They often require a bachelor’s degree. Surveys and polls are quite suitable for students: for example, you can work in the early evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. when prospects or respondents are at home, or on Saturdays all day.

You are often paid the minimum wage (10.48 dollars gross per hour), but you can find offers at 12 dollars gross or even more. Of course, you must like telephone contact and have a good command of computers, but rest assured that a small training session is often organized. You can also work in the afternoon if you have a gap in your schedule.

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