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What is pink tax? We, women, have a lot of challenges associated with our gender only, and as if it was not enough that we receive less money for the same position compared to men, we have to pay for what we call the “pink tax”.

If you want to read about what is pink tax and its example, click here. This article will go over the impacts of the pink tax on women.

Impacts Of Pink Tax

What Is Pink Tax And Is It Real?

What Is Pink Tax And Is It Real?

Why would we bother about the pink tax? Fifty cents more on a razor, an additional razor on a shower cream, it doesn’t seem that much when you are paying at the register. For some, it has even gone unnoticed for years that they are paying more, but now take a seat and count how much has been adding up over the last past few years?

Just as for men, body lotion, razor, and shower gel are necessities; products are being used every day, and unfortunately, women are being forced to pay more. This has a financial impact on them in the long run.

There are many women living paycheck to paycheck, and it is very difficult for them to save. 5 $ to 10 $ a month could have helped them start their emergency fund. Think about those who already have debts; this extra money may cause them to be in a never-ending cycle (though buying beauty products is already a never-ending cycle). 

Also, as they lag in savings and financial well-being, they won’t take financial risks like starting a business. Thinking about investing about 2000 $ a year for the next 40 years, this can add up to a total of $ 500 000. So this is a fruit of thoughts now…

Things You Can Do? 

If you like me, you are done with this pink tax scam, and you want to take control of your finances, I have something for you. Now is the time to control and let your money flow to better things that will contribute to better things for you.

Research some bills that may be on the waiting list in your area. You will want to encourage the legislators that are fighting for you.

Also, I have experienced the ‘men’ products, and I can tell it makes no difference to what we use. Take a look at the ingredient list, and you shall see that there is no big difference, maybe in the fragrance, but even though you are not supposed to use skin products with fragrance as it dries up, your still so win-win…

What Is Pink Tax And Is It Real?

What Is Pink Tax And Is It Real?


This is something that I’ve experienced a couple of times, and I was so shocked the first time it happened. When I go for services such as car repairs or other manual things that I have limited knowledge of, they scam me and make me pay more.

So before going into a garage or anything, search for a couple of terms linked to your problem, and just ask some questions like ‘do you think that it is the radiator or the brake fluid’ (got the point?). They will instantly think that you have knowledge about it and won’t charge you extra. Also, you may contact a friend and ask them how much they used to pay for services and compare when you go there.

Some companies refuse to comply with the pink tax, and you can support these companies by buying from them and sharing about them on social media. Do not help them get money off your gender; you should not be paying more just because you are a woman. Let us know in the comments how you help to combat pink taxes…