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Uni life is one of the most exciting parts of any young adult’s life; it’s the time that most of us are left on our own, and we are left to hustle and experience life. Yes, you’ll go to your fair share of parties, get drunk like nobody, discover yourself, but you’ll also have to work part-time if you don’t come from a well-off family or want to be independent. The stereotype that most students are broke at uni is universally true, as most of us have to pay off our student debts and have to save enough money for other expenses. Uni life isn’t all fun and game, though. If you are like me, you spent most of your uni life broke and barely passing by. Trust me on this one; cup and ramen noodles will be a life savor and will always be by your side.

Tips to life on a budget.

1. Free things are always good


Trust me on this one, sign up for all the free stuff that you can while you are at uni, become a member at your local food joint or fast-food chain, they have reward cards, and some of them even give you a treat on your birthday. Another thing you can do is use your student discount, most universities will provide you with student discounts on literally anything and this is gold. Make sure never to lose your ID because that will make you lose money too, as you will no longer enjoy your privilege of having discounts. You get deals on movie tickets, food, uni materials like books and even technology.

2. Live the broke life all the time.


Always have a saving account, no matter if it’s in a draw or tucked away in your favorite book. And never, and I never repeat, dip into your savings unless it’s a real emergency. Make the broke life the default and don’t splurge on expensive stuff, be conscientious on how and where you spend your money. Stick to essential items like food and rent and keep other expenses out as far as possible. We are not telling you to have a diet consisting of ramen noodles but spend money on affordable food that won’t make you take out another loan.

3. Use discount apps and coupons.


As uni students, we need to be smart on how to use our money, and as most of us who are in uni right now are Gen Z, I guess that most of us are tech-savvy and know our way around smartphones and how to use QR-codes to get discounts. You can use the too good to go app to get restaurant-quality food at a discounted price, you’ll just have a wait for serving time to be over, and you’ll get an array of leftovers from restaurants that partner with the app. This allows you to have gourmet food at an affordable rate, and the time issues don’t really matter, to be honest, as most of us are usually up late working on an assignment that is due for the next day.

4. Free online textbooks.


Prior to buying those expensive textbooks for uni, check online if you can get a free copy. Most of the time, getting this is a bit shady, and you might have to visit many sites to get them. Sites like Library Genesis and even Sci-hub are some of my favs where they give you access to your books for free, which saves you a lot of money for books that you will more like won’t use and will collect dust in the corner of your room. If you already have some old textbooks on end, consider selling them. Unless you are doing modules in literature, you won’t reread those uni books and can sell them for a bit of extra money.

5. Get a side hustle.


This one is easier said than done, but finding a part-time job that fits your schedule at uni can be a real lifesaver. It not only allows you to get a steady income but you also get experience. Consider tutoring or a job in the service industry to make ends meet. At this point, there is no shape in having a job, no matter what it is. Remember, it’s not what you’re called that matters but what you respond to. Having a side hustle makes you more responsible and keeps you grounded for the rest of your life. You can use this money to splurge, but don’t waste all of it in one go, be sure to save some for hard days.

Remember, Universe life is one of the most educational points of your young adulthood, it teaches you that life is not always easy, but it also teaches you how to face it head-on. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you are also a struggling and broke student.